Weblate’s Web API

Notification hooks

Notification hooks allow external applications to notify weblate that Git repository has been updated.

GET /hooks/update/(string:project)/(string:subproject)/

Triggers update of a subproject (pulling from Git and scanning for translation changes).

GET /hooks/update/(string:project)/

Triggers update of all subprojects in a project (pulling from Git and scanning for translation changes).

POST /hooks/github/

Special hook for handling Github notifications and automatically updating matching subprojects.


The GitHub notification relies on Git repository urls you use to be in form git:/github.com/owner/repo.git, otherwise automatic detection of used repository will fail.


Weblate provides various exports to allow you further process the data.

GET /exports/stats/(string:project)/(string:subproject)/

Retrieves statistics for given subproject in JSON format.

Example response:

        "code": "cs",
        "fuzzy": 0,
        "fuzzy_percent": 0.0,
        "last_author": "Michal \u010ciha\u0159",
        "last_change": "2012-03-28T15:07:38+00:00",
        "name": "Czech",
        "total": 436,
        "translated": 436,
        "translated_percent": 100.0,
        "url": "http:/l10n.cihar.com/projects/weblate/master/cs/"
        "code": "nl",
        "fuzzy": 11,
        "fuzzy_percent": 2.5,
        "last_author": null,
        "last_change": null,
        "name": "Dutch",
        "total": 436,
        "translated": 319,
        "translated_percent": 73.2,
        "url": "http:/l10n.cihar.com/projects/weblate/master/nl/"
        "code": "el",
        "fuzzy": 21,
        "fuzzy_percent": 4.8,
        "last_author": null,
        "last_change": null,
        "name": "Greek",
        "total": 436,
        "translated": 312,
        "translated_percent": 71.6,
        "url": "http:/l10n.cihar.com/projects/weblate/master/el/"

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