Licensing translations

Weblate allows you to specify under which license the translations are contributed. This is especially important to specify if the translations are open to the public to raise proper expectations what can be done with the translations.

There are two things you specify on the Component configuration - license information and the contributor agreement.

License information

Upon specifying license information (license name and URL), this information is shown in the translation information, but it is not enforced in any way.

Usually this is best location to place information on licensing where no explicit consent is required.

Contributor agreement

Once you specify contributor agreement, only users who have agreed to it will be able to contribute. This is clearly visible when accessing the translation:


The entered text is formatted into paragraphs and external links are possible. HTML markup can not be used.

Signed off by

Should your project require Signed-off-by header in the commits, you should enable contributor agreement with the DCO text and add the header to the commit message (see Template markup for more details). The full commit message can look like:

Translated using Weblate ({{ language_name }})

Currently translated at {{ stats.translated_percent }}% ({{ stats.translated }} of {{ stats.all }} strings)

Translation: {{ project_name }}/{{ component_name }}
Translate-URL: {{ url }}
Signed-off-by: {{ author }}

User licenses

User can review licenses on projects he is contributing to in the profile: