Getting support for Weblate

Weblate is a copylefted libre software with community support. Subscribers receive priority support at no extra charge. Prepaid help packages are available for everyone. You can find more information about current support offerings at <>.

Activating support

Since Weblate 3.8 the purchased support packages can be activated in a Weblate management interface. The activation will enable peridic registration on Weblate servers. This allows you to directly navigate to your Weblate installation from subscription management and sends basic telemetry to Weblate servers.


Data submitted to the server

The submitted data include:

  • URL where Weblate is configured
  • Site title
  • Weblate version
  • Counts of some objects in Weblate database (projects, components, languages, source strings and users)
  • Public SSH key

No other data is submitted.


The activation is fully optional, you can still use support services without it.