Weblate source code

Weblate is developed on GitHub. You are welcome to fork the code and open pull requests. Patches in any other form are welcome too.

See also

Check out Weblate internals to see how Weblate looks from inside.

Security by Design Principles

Any code for Weblate should be writted with Security by Design Principles in mind.

Coding standard

The code should follow PEP-8 coding guidelines and should be formatted using black code formatter.

To check the code quality, you can use flake8, the recommended plugins are listed in .pre-commit-config.yaml and it’s configuration is placed in setup.cfg.

The easiest approach to enforce all this is to install pre-commit. Weblate repository contains configuration for it to verify the commited files are sane. After installing it (it is already included in the requirements-lint.txt) eneble it by running pre-commit install in Weblate checkout. This way all your changes will be automatically checked.

You can also trigger check manually, to check all files run:

pre-commit run --all