i18next JSON files

Changed in version 4.15.1: Support for v4 variant of this format was added.


In case you use plurals, it is recommended to use v4 as that aligned plural handling with CLDR. Older versions have different plural rules for some languages which are not correct.

i18next is an internationalization framework written in and for JavaScript. Weblate supports its localization files with features such as plurals.

i18next translations are monolingual, so it is recommended to specify a base file with (what is most often the) English strings.


Weblate supports the i18next JSON v3 and v4 variants. Please choose correct file format matching your environment.

The v2 and v1 variants are mostly compatible with v3, with exception of how plurals are handled.

Example file:

  "hello": "Hello",
  "apple": "I have an apple",
  "apple_plural": "I have {{count}} apples",
  "apple_negative": "I have no apples"

Weblate configuration

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File format

i18next JSON file v3