Código fuente de Weblate#

Weblate se desarrolla en GitHub. Le invitamos a copiar el código y enviarnos solicitudes de incorporación de cambios. También recibimos modificaciones por otras vías, como en forma de parches.

Ver también

Check out Weblate por dentro to see how Weblate looks from inside.

Coding guidelines#

Cualquier código escrito para Weblate debe crearse teniendo en mente los principios de seguridad por naturaleza.

Any code should come with documentation explaining the behavior. Don’t forget documenting methods, complex code blocks, or user visible features.

Any new code should utilize PEP 484 type hints. We’re not checking this in our CI yet as existing code does not yet include them.

Coding standard and linting the code#

The code should follow PEP-8 coding guidelines and should be formatted using black code formatter.

To check the code quality, you can use flake8, the recommended plugins are listed in .pre-commit-config.yaml and its configuration is placed in setup.cfg.

The easiest approach to enforce all this is to install pre-commit. The repository contains configuration for it to verify the committed files are sane. After installing it (it is already included in the requirements-lint.txt) turn it on by running pre-commit install in Weblate checkout. This way all your changes will be automatically checked.

You can also trigger check manually, to check all files run:

pre-commit run --all