About Weblate

Project goals

Web-based continuous localization tool with tight Version control integration supporting a wide range of Supported file formats, making it easy for translators to contribute.

Project name

«Weblate» is a portmanteau of the words «web» and «translate».

Project website

The landing page is https://weblate.org and a cloud hosted service at https://hosted.weblate.org. This documentation can be found on https://docs.weblate.org.

Project logos

The project logos and other graphics is available in <https://github.com/WeblateOrg/graphics/> repository.


This project is maintained by Michal Čihař <michal@cihar.com>.


Weblate was started by Michal Čihař <michal@cihar.com>. Since its inception in 2012, thousands of people have contributed.