Weblate 5.0.1#

Released on September 10th 2023.

New features


  • Related glossary terms lookup is now faster.

  • Logging of failures when creating pull requests.

  • History is now loaded faster.

  • Added object id to all Weblate’s REST API endpoints.

  • Better performance of projects with a lot of components.

  • Added compatibility redirects for some old URLs.

Bug fixes

  • Creating component within a category.

  • Source strings and state display for converted formats.

  • Block Edit base file on formats which do not support it.

  • Reused translation is no longer triggered for blank strings.

  • Performace issues while browsing some categories.

  • Fixed GitHub Team and Organization authentication in Docker container.

  • GitLab merge requests when using a customized SSH port.


  • pyahocorasick dependency has been replaced by ahocorasick_rs.

  • The default value of :setting::IP_PROXY_OFFSET has been changed from 1 to -1.


Please follow Generic upgrade instructions in order to perform update.

  • The database upgrade can take considerable time on larger sites due to indexing changes.

All changes in detail.

Weblate 5.0#

Released on August 24th 2023.

New features

  • Markdown files support, thanks to Anders Kaplan.

  • Category can now organize components within a project.

  • Fluent format now has better syntax checks thanks to Henry Wilkes.

  • Inviting users now works with all authentication methods.

  • Docker container supports file backed secrets, see Passing secrets.


  • Plurals handling in machine translation.

  • Unchanged translation check now honors placeholders even in the strict mode.

  • Reused translation is no longer triggered for languages with a single plural form.

  • WebP is now supported for Visual context for strings.

  • Avoid duplicate notification when a user is subscribed to overlapping scopes.

  • OCR support for non-English languages in Visual context for strings.

  • XLIFF now supports displaying source string location.

  • Rendering strings with plurals, placeholders or alternative translations.

  • User API now includes last sign in date.

  • User API token is now hidden for privacy reasons by default.

  • Faster adding terms to glossary.

  • Better preserve translation on source file change in HTML files and Text files.

  • Added indication of automatic assignment to team listing.

  • Users now have to confirm invitations to become team members.

  • Formatted strings can now check all plural forms with the strict-format flag.

  • Checks and fixups browsing experience.

  • Highlight differences in the source string in automatic suggestions.

  • Visual diff now better understands compositing characters.

Bug fixes


  • Python 3.9 or newer is now required.

  • Several UI URLs have been changed to be able to handle categories.


Please follow Generic upgrade instructions in order to perform update.

  • There are several changes in settings_example.py, most notable is changes in CACHES and SOCIAL_AUTH_PIPELINE, please adjust your settings accordingly.

  • Several previously optional dependencies are now required.

  • The database upgrade can take considerable time on larger sites due to structure changes.

All changes in detail.