Installing from sources

  1. Please follow the installation instructions for your system first:

  2. Grab the latest Weblate sources using Git (or download a tarball and unpack that):

    git clone weblate-src

    Alternatively you can use released archives. You can download them from our website <>. Those downloads are cryptographically signed, please see Verificando assinaturas de lançamento.

  3. Install current Weblate code into the virtualenv:

    . ~/weblate-env/bin/activate
    pip install -e weblate-src
  4. Copy weblate/ to weblate/

  5. Adjust the values in the new file to your liking. You can stick with shipped example for testing purposes, but you will want changes for production setup, see Ajustando a configuração.

  6. Create the database used by Weblate, see Configuração de banco de dados para o Weblate.

  7. Build Django tables, static files and initial data (see Preenchendo o banco de dados and Servindo arquivos estáticos):

    weblate migrate
    weblate collectstatic
    weblate compress
    weblate compilemessages


    This step should be repeated whenever you update the repository.