Получение поддержки по Weblate

Weblate is copylefted libre software with community support. Hosting subscribers receive priority support at no extra charge. Prepaid help packages are available for everyone, including self-hosting users. Find info about current support offerings at https://weblate.org/support.

Интегрированная поддержка

Приобретенный пакет платной поддержки может быть, по вашему желанию, интегрирован в ваш интерфейс управления подпиской Weblate, где вы найдете на него ссылку. В этом случае основные сведенья о вашей установке будут переданы Weblate.


Info sent to the Weblate

  • Your Weblate instance URL

  • Its site title

  • The version you are running

  • Tallies of projects, components, languages, source strings, and users

  • Открытый SSH-ключ

Additionally, if you turn on Навигатор Weblate:

  • List of public projects (name, URL, and website).


Check what Discover shows publicly in the Навигатор Weblate description.

Ни какая другая информация не передаётся.

Доступные сервисы при включении интеграции


Purchased support packages are already activated upon purchase and can be used without integrating them.

Навигатор Weblate

Added in version 4.5.2.

Discover is an opt-in service making it easier for translators to find other Weblate instances and communities. Users can browse registered sites and find projects to contribute to on https://weblate.org/discover/.

Попадание в список


Make sure you are OK with publishing your instance name, URL, tally of projects, components, and users, together with names of public projects and components for use on Discover.

List your server directly from the management panel if you have an active support subscription (Интегрированная поддержка):


All steps for listing a server without a support contract:

  1. Register yourself at https://weblate.org/user/

  2. Register your Weblate site at https://weblate.org/subscription/discovery/

  3. Confirm you want your Weblate listed by clicking Enable discovery from its management page :


Listing customization

You are encouraged to provide an image (570 x 260 pixels) and description of your Weblate site at https://weblate.org/user/. This improves your instance’s visibility in the list.