Distinto en la versión 4.0: En versiones anteriores, esta prestación se denominaba «mensajes en pizarra».

Provide info to your translators by posting announcements, site-wide, per project, component, or language.

Announce the purpose, deadlines, status, or specify targets for translation.

Los usuarios recibirán una notificación por cada anuncio en los proyectos que monitorizan (salvo que decidan no recibirlas).

This can be useful for various things from announcing the purpose of the website to specifying targets for translations.

The announcements can posted on each level in the Manage menu, using Post announcement:

Image showing a message that reads: "Translations will be used only if they reach 60%" atop the dashboard view.

It can be also added using the admin interface:


The announcements are then shown based on their specified context:

No context specified

Shown on dashboard (landing page).

Project specified

Shown within the project, including all its components and translations.

Component specified

Shown for a given component and all its translations.

Language specified

Shown on the language overview and all translations in that language.

This is how it looks on the language overview page:

Image showing a message that reads: "Czech translators rock!" atop the Czech language overview.