Registro y perfil de usuario


Everybody can browse projects, view translations or suggest translations by default. Only registered users are allowed to actually save changes, and are credited for every translation made.

You can register by following a few simple steps:

  1. Fill out the registration form with your credentials.

  2. Activate registration by following the link in the e-mail you receive.

  3. Optionally adjust your profile to choose which languages you know.

Cuadro de mando

When you sign in, you will see an overview of projects and components, as well as their respective translation progression.

Nuevo en la versión 2.5.

De manera predeterminada se muestran los componentes de los proyectos que monitoriza, así como enlaces directos en las lenguas preferidas que haya establecido.


You can switch to different views using the navigation tabs.


The menu has these options:

  • Projects > Browse all projects in the main menu showing translation status for each project on the Weblate instance.

  • Selecting a language in the main menu Languages will show translation status of all projects, filtered by one of your primary languages.

  • Watched translations in the Dashboard will show translation status of only those projects you are watching, filtered by your primary languages.

In addition, the drop-down can also show any number of component lists, sets of project components preconfigured by the Weblate administrator, see Listas de componentes.

You can configure your personal default dashboard view in the Preferences section of your user profile settings.


When Weblate is configured for a single project using SINGLE_PROJECT in the file (see Configuración), the dashboard will not be shown, as the user will be redirected to a single project or component instead.

Perfil de usuario

Para acceder a su perfil de usuario, pulse en el icono de su cuenta en el extremo derecho del menú superior y, en el menú, elija Configuración.

El perfil de usuario contiene sus preferencias. El nombre y la dirección de correo electrónico se utilizan para las consignas de los sistemas de control de versiones, de modo que mantenga estos datos al día.


All language selections only offer currently translated languages.


Request or add other languages you want to translate by clicking the button to make them available too.

Idiomas traducidos

Elija los idiomas en los que prefiera traducir y se le ofrecerán en la página principal de los proyectos supervisados, de tal modo que se le facilite el acceso a las traducciones en esos idiomas.


Idiomas secundarios

Puede definir qué idiomas secundarios mostrar para que le sirvan de guía al traducir. La siguiente imagen muestra un ejemplo, en el cual la lengua hebrea se muestra como secundaria:


Vista predeterminada del cuadro de mando

On the Preferences tab, you can pick which of the available dashboard views to present by default. If you pick the Component list, you have to select which component list will be displayed from the Default component list drop-down.

Ver también

Listas de componentes

Perfil público

Todos los campos de esta página son opcionales, en cualquier momento puede eliminarlos, y si los rellena, consiente que compartamos esta información allá donde aparezca su perfil de usuario.

Avatar can be shown for each user (depending on ENABLE_AVATARS). These images are obtained using


Subscribe to various notifications from the Notifications tab. Notifications for selected events on watched or administered projects will be sent to you per e-mail.

Some of the notifications are sent only for events in your languages (for example about new strings to translate), while some trigger at component level (for example merge errors). These two groups of notifications are visually separated in the settings.

You can toggle notifications for watched projects and administered projects and it can be further tweaked (or muted) per project and component. Visit the component overview page and select appropriate choice from the Watching menu.


No recibirá ninguna notificación por sus propias acciones.



The Account tab lets you set up basic account details, connect various services you can use to sign in into Weblate, completely remove your account, or download your user data (see Weblate user data export).


The list of services depends on your Weblate configuration, but can be made to include popular sites such as GitLab, GitHub, Google, Facebook, or Bitbucket or other OAuth 2.0 providers.


API access

You can get or reset your API access token here.

Registro de auditoría

Audit log keeps track of the actions performed with your account. It logs IP address and browser for every important action with your account. The critical actions also trigger a notification to a primary e-mail address.