Développement de greffons#

Extensions are way to customize localization workflow in Weblate.

class weblate.addons.base.BaseAddon(storage=None)#

Base class for Weblate add-ons.

classmethod can_install(component, user)#

Check whether add-on is compatible with given component.


Hook for component update.


Enregistrer la configuration.


Hook triggered daily.

classmethod get_add_form(user, component, **kwargs)#

Return configuration form for adding new add-on.

get_settings_form(user, **kwargs)#

Return configuration form for this add-on.


Crochet déclenché lors de l’ajout d’une nouvelle traduction.


Crochet déclenché après que des modifications aient été archivées dans le dépôt.


Crochet déclenché après que le dépôt est poussé en amont.

post_update(component, previous_head: str, skip_push: bool, child: bool)#

Hook triggered after repository is updated from upstream.

  • previous_head (str) – HEAD of the repository prior to update, can be blank on initial clone.

  • skip_push (bool) – Whether the add-on operation should skip pushing changes upstream. Usually you can pass this to underlying methods as commit_and_push or commit_pending.

pre_commit(translation, author)#

Crochet déclenché avant que des modifications aient été archivées dans le dépôt.


Hook triggered before repository is pushed upstream.


Hook triggered before repository is updated from upstream.


Save add-on state information.

store_post_load(translation, store)#

Crochet déclenché après l’analyse d’un fichier.

It receives an instance of a file format class as a argument.

This is useful to modify file format class parameters, for example adjust how the file will be saved.


Hook triggered before new unit is created.


Weblate user used to track changes by this add-on.

Here is an example add-on:

# Copyright © Michal Čihař <michal@weblate.org>
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later

from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy

from weblate.addons.base import BaseAddon
from weblate.addons.events import AddonEvent

class ExampleAddon(BaseAddon):
    # Filter for compatible components, every key is
    # matched against property of component
    compat = {"file_format": {"po", "po-mono"}}
    # List of events add-on should receive
    events = (AddonEvent.EVENT_PRE_COMMIT,)
    # Add-on unique identifier
    name = "weblate.example.example"
    # Verbose name shown in the user interface
    verbose = gettext_lazy("Example add-on")
    # Detailed add-on description
    description = gettext_lazy("This add-on does nothing it is just an example.")

    # Callback to implement custom behavior
    def pre_commit(self, translation, author):