Translation component alerts

Shows errors in the Weblate configuration or the translation project for any given translation component. Guidance on how to address found issues is also offered.

Currently the following is covered:

  • Duplicated source strings in translation files

  • Duplicated languages within translations

  • リポジトリ内でのマージ、更新、またはプッシュの失敗

  • Parse errors in the translation files

  • 請求額の制限(参照: 請求

  • リポジトリに送信したコミット、もしくは欠落したコミットが多すぎる

  • ライセンスがありません

  • Errors when running add-on (see アドオン)

  • 単一言語の翻訳の設定が間違っています。

  • 壊れた Component configuration

  • Broken URLs

  • 未使用のスクリーンショット

  • あいまいな言語コード

  • Unused new base in component settings

  • Duplicate filemask used for linked components

The alerts are updated daily, or on related change (for example when Component configuration is changed or when repository is updated).

Alerts are listed on each respective component page as Alerts. If it is missing, the component clears all current checks. Alerts can not be ignored, but will disappear once the underlying problem has been fixed.

A component with both duplicated strings and languages looks like this: