Отладка Weblate

Bugs can behave as application crashes or as various misbehavior. You are welcome to collect info on any such issue and submit it to the issue tracker.

Режим отладки

Turning on debug mode will make the exceptions show in the web browser. This is useful to debug issues in the web interface, but not suitable for a production environment because it has performance consequences and might leak private data.

In a production environment, use ADMINS to receive e-mails containing error reports, or configure error collection using a third-party service.

Журналы Weblate

Weblate can produce detailed logs of what is going on in the background. In the default configuration it uses syslog and that makes the log appear either in /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog (depending on your syslog daemon configuration).

The Celery process (see Фоновые задачи с использованием Celery) usually produces its own logs as well. The example system-wide setups logs to several files under /var/log/celery/.

Docker containers log to their output (as per usual in the Docker world), so you can look at the logs using docker-compose logs.

Не обрабатываются фоновые задачи

A lot of things are done in the background by Celery workers. If things like sending out e-mails or component removal does not work, there might a related issue.

В таком случае следует:

Не доходит электронная почта от Weblate

You can verify whether outgoing e-mail is working correctly by using the sendtestemail management command (see Вызов команд управления for instructions on how to invoke it in different environments) or by using Интерфейс управления under the Tools tab.

These send e-mails directly, so this verifies that your SMTP configuration is correct (see Настройка исходящей почты). Most of the e-mails from Weblate are however sent in the background and there might be some issues with Celery involved as well, please see Не обрабатываются фоновые задачи for debugging that.

Анализ падений программы

In case the application crashes, it is useful to collect as much info about the crash as possible. This can be achieved by using third-party services which can collect such info automatically. You can find info on how to set this up in Сбор отчетов об ошибках.

Ошибки без оповещения

Многие задачи выгружаются в Celery для фоновой обработки. Их падения в пользовательском интерфейсе не отображаются, а появляются только в журналах Celery. Настройка сбора ошибок поможет вам легче замечать такие сбои.

Проблемы с производительностью

In case Weblate performs badly in some scenario, please collect the relevant logs showing the issue, and anything that might help figuring out where the code might be improved.

Если некоторые запросы выполняются слишком долго без какой-либо индикации, то вы можете установить dogslow и использовать его вместе со сбором отчётов об ошибках, что позволит получить точечные и подробные трассировки стеков вызова (traceback) в этих отчётах.