Weblate 0.x series

Weblate 0.9

Released on April 18th 2012.

  • U ndreq importimi i gjuhëve të panjohura.

  • Improved listing of nearby messages.

  • U përmirësuan disa kontrolle.

  • Documentation updates.

  • Added definition for several more languages.

  • Pastrime të ndryshme kodi.

  • Documentation improvements.

  • Changed file layout.

  • Update helper scripts to Django 1.4.

  • Improved navigation while translating.

  • Better handling of po file renames.

  • Better validation while creating component.

  • Integrated full setup into syncdb.

  • Added list of recent changes to all translation pages.

  • Check for untranslated strings ignores format string only messages.

Weblate 0.8

Hedhur në qarkullim më 3 prill, 2012.

  • Replaced own full text search with Whoosh.

  • Ndreqje dhe përmirësime të ndryshme te kontrollet.

  • New command updatechecks.

  • Plot përditësime përkthimesh.

  • Added dictionary for storing most frequently used terms.

  • Added /admin/report/ for overview of repositories status.

  • Machine translation services no longer block page loading.

  • Management interface now contains also useful actions to update data.

  • Records log of changes made by users.

  • Ability to postpone commit to Git to generate less commits from single user.

  • Possibility to browse failing checks.

  • Automatic translation using already translated strings.

  • New about page showing used versions.

  • Përputhshmëri me Django 1.4.

  • Ability to push changes to remote repo from web interface.

  • Added review of translations done by others.

Weblate 0.7

Released on February 16th 2012.

  • Mbulim i drejtpërdrejtë për njoftime GitHub-u.

  • Added support for cleaning up orphaned checks and translations.

  • Displays nearby strings while translating.

  • Displays similar strings while translating.

  • U përmirësua kërkimi për varg.

Weblate 0.6

Released on February 14th 2012.

  • U shtuan kontrolle të ndryshme për mesazhe të përkthyer.

  • Tunable access control.

  • Improved handling of translations with new lines.

  • Added client side sorting of tables.

  • Please check upgrading instructions in case you are upgrading.

Weblate 0.5

Released on February 12th 2012.

  • Support for machine translation using following online services:
    • Apertium

    • Microsoft Translator

    • MyMemory

  • Disa përkthime të reja.

  • Improved merging of upstream changes.

  • Better handle concurrent git pull and translation.

  • Propagating works for fuzzy changes as well.

  • Propagating works also for file upload.

  • Fixed file downloads while using FastCGI (and possibly others).

Weblate 0.4

Released on February 8th 2012.

  • U shtua udhëzues përdorimi te dokumentimi.

  • Fixed API hooks not to require CSRF protection.

Weblate 0.3

Released on February 8th 2012.

  • Better display of source for plural translations.

  • Dokumentim i ri, në formatin Sphinx.

  • Displays secondary languages while translating.

  • Improved error page to give list of existing projects.

  • New per language stats.

Weblate 0.2

Hedhur në qarkullim më 7 shkurt, 2012.

  • U përmirësua vlerësimi për disa formularë.

  • Sinjalizoju përdoruesve përmirësim profili.

  • Remember URL for login.

  • Naming of text areas while entering plural forms.

  • Automatic expanding of translation area.

Weblate 0.1

Released on February 6th 2012.

  • Hedhja fillestare në qarkullim.