Weblate Contributor Communication Guidelines

GitHub Issues

GitHub Issues is where bugs can be reported, and features can be requested. Issue submission form provides templates for each to simplify issue creation, and review and implementation process; it also guides to other places with information like documentation, Discussions, HackerOne program, and Weblate Care.

Weblate GitHub Discussions

GitHub Discussions is a community place. Ideas, Polls, Q&A, and Show and Tell categories can be selected when posting there. General category fits all posts outside those defined categories. Weblate team members occasionally visit Discussions and can also be mentioned by their GitHub usernames.

Weblate on Mastodon

If you want to attract a wide community of Weblate users, fans, and developers to your case, you can follow and mention @weblate@fosstodon.org on Mastodon. The Weblate team boosts good moods and bright ideas!


Libera.Chat is an IRC network for FOSS projects. It can be used to informally ask basic questions or start conversations of the community there. This platform can be thought of as being similar to in person communication, where only the people who are currently in the room (channel) are likely to respond to your message. This place can be used when posting in GitHub Discussions or GitHub Issues is not advised per the guidelines above. No account is required; users can enter the chat by specifying a nickname or as a guest by default. Weblate team members do not visit here.