Lista Përbërësish

Specify multiple lists of components to appear as options on the user dashboard, from which users can pick one as their default view. See Pult to learn more.


A status will be presented for each component list presented on the dashboard.

The names and content of component lists can be specified in the admin interface, in Component lists section. Each component list must have a name that is displayed to the user, and a slug representing it in the URL.


Change dashboard settings for anonymous users from the admin interface, altering what dashboard is presented to unauthenticated users.

Automatic component lists

Add components to the list automatically based on their slug by creating Automatic component list assignment rules.

  • Useful for maintaining component lists for large installations, or in case you want to have one component list with all components on your Weblate installation.


Make a component list containing all the components of your Weblate installation.

1. Define Automatic component list assignment with ^.*$ as regular expression in both the project and the component fields, as shown on this image:

Image showing the Weblate administration panel with the above configuration filled in.