Implantaciones de Weblate

Es sencillo instalar Weblate en su nube. Consulte la guía detallada correspondiente a su plataforma:

Third-party deployments for Weblate


Following deployments are not developed or supported by Weblate team. Parts of the setup might vary from what is described in this documentation.

Paquete Cloudron de Weblate

Cloudron is a platform for self-hosting web applications. Weblate installed with Cloudron will be automatically kept up-to-date. The package is maintained by the Cloudron team at their Weblate package repo.

Instalar Weblate con Cloudron

Weblate en YunoHost

The self-hosting project YunoHost provides a package for Weblate. Once you have your YunoHost installation, you may install Weblate as any other application. It will provide you with a fully working stack with backup and restoration, but you may still have to edit your settings file for specific usages.

Utilice su interfaz administrativa o pulse en este botón (que le llevará a su servidor):

Instalar Weblate con YunoHost

También se puede utilizar la interfaz de línea de órdenes:

yunohost app install